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professional facial cleansing

professional facial cleansing
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professional facial cleansing

Step by step for a professional facial cleansing

Deep facial cleansing serves to remove pimples, impurities, dead cells and milium from the skin, which is characterized by the appearance of small white or yellowish balls on the skin, mainly on the face. It should be done 2 in 2 months, in case of normal and dry skin, and once a month in mixed and oily skin or with acne.

Professional facial cleansing can be done in aesthetic clinics and lasts about 1 hour, but homemade skin cleansing can also be done. The steps below can also be applied to the skin in general for deep cleansing.

Paso a paso para una limpieza facial profesional

6 steps to do a facial cleansing

Facial cleansing is done by following the steps below:
1. Clean the skin

It consists of removing makeup and cleaning the skin by applying a cleansing lotion to help remove grease and some impurities from the skin. Products with Aloe Vera and green tea are excellent options to detoxify the skin. The lotion should be applied by hand with a glove on the entire face, and then a gauze can be used to spread the product all over the face, with circular movements.
2. Open the pores

The opening of the pores is usually done with the application of ozone vapor or water vapor, since the steam helps soften the skin, facilitating the removal of pimples and impurities. A mask can be applied to help soften even more superficial skin. The water or ozone vapor can last from 5 to 10 minutes and during this period the esthetician can massage the hands or head of the person receiving the treatment, making the moment more pleasant and relaxing.
3. Exfoliate

The exfoliation serves to remove the most superficial layer of skin and dead cells, facilitating the removal of pimples and impurities from the next step. In people who have inflamed pimples this exfoliation can only be done with a specific product, but in all other situations you can use an exfoliating cream that has microspheres that pressed on the skin, favor the extraction of dirt. Circular movements with gauze are essential to remove as many black spots as possible from the face and open the pores. Water and clean gauze are used to remove the product, preparing the skin for the next step.
4. Remove blackheads
6 Pasos para hacer una limpieza facial

Paso a paso para una limpieza facial profesional

Extraction of blackheads is done manually, with gauze or with a piece of cotton moistened with an antiseptic lotion, pressing the indexes in the opposite direction. Already the extraction of the millium should be used with the help of a microneedle to pierce the skin and press, removing the sebum ball that formed there. This procedure can take a maximum of 30 minutes and usually begins in the T zone, in the following order: nose, chin, forehead and then cheeks.

After manual removal of blackheads and milliums, a high frequency device can be applied to help the skin heal and calm. But another way to do a good cleaning of the skin, removing impurities to the maximum is to do a professional treatment called skin cleaning with ultrasound, which uses ultrasound equipment to reach the deepest layers of the skin. Learn more about how to remove blackheads from the nose.
5. Soothing mask

A mask, usually soothing, should be applied according to the type of skin, for about 10 minutes to help reduce redness and soothe the skin. Water and clean gauze are used to remove it using circular movements. During your performance you can perform a manual lymphatic drainage on the entire face to help remove redness and swelling.
6. Sunscreen application

To finish the professional cleaning you should apply a moisturizing lotion and sunscreen always with a protection factor equal to or greater than 30 FPS. After this procedure the skin is more sensitive than normal, and therefore the sunscreen is essential to protect the skin from sun damage and to prevent dark spots on the skin, which may arise in case the person expose to sun or ultraviolet lights.
Care after skin cleansing

After professional skin cleansing, it is necessary to take some care for at least 48 hours, such as not being exposed to the sun and not using acid products and oily creams, giving preference to soothing and healing skin products. The good options are thermal water and facial sunscreen to protect the skin from sunburn and to prevent the appearance of spots.
When it should not be done

Professional facial cleansing should not be done on the skin with acne when there are inflamed spines, with yellowish appearance, because it can aggravate acne and damage the skin. In this case, the most appropriate thing is to go to the dermatologist to perform a treatment to remove the pimples, which can be done with specific products to apply on the skin or medications to take. In addition to this, it should not be done in individuals with very sensitive skin, with allergy, peeling or rosacea.

Facial cleansing should also not be done when the skin is tanned because it can lead to the appearance of dark spots on the skin. People who are treating with acids in the skin such as chemical peeling or who are using cream that contains some acid, also should not be cleansed on the face due to increased skin sensitivity. The dermatologist can indicate when a skin cleansing can be done again.

Facial cleansing can be done in pregnancy, but in this phase the appearance of skin blemishes is common and for this reason the esthetician may choose to use different products or do a more superficial skin cleansing, so as not to attack the skin, avoiding the emergence of dark spots on the face.

La extracción de los puntos negros es hecha manualmente, con gasa o con un pedacito de algodón humedecidos con una loción antiséptica, presionando los indices en dirección opuesta. Ya la extracción de los millium se debe utilizar la ayuda de una microaguja para perforar la piel y presionar, removiendo la bolita de sebo que se formo allí. Este procedimiento puede demorar un máximo de 30 minutos y generalmente comienza en la zona T, en el siguiente orden: nariz, barbilla, frente y a continuación los cachetes. 

Después de la extracción manual de los puntos negros y de los millium, puede ser aplicado un aparato de alta frecuencia que ayuda a que la piel cicatrice y se calme. Pero otra forma de hacer una buena limpieza de la piel, retirando al máximo las impurezas es hacer un tratamiento profesional llamado limpieza de piel con ultrasonido, que utiliza un equipo de ultrasonido para alcanzar las capas más profundas de la piel. Conozca más sobre cómo quitar los puntos negros de la nariz.


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